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Cultivu is taking global farming to the next level by focusing on people, connecting farmers with advisors and extension services on a massive scale. Cultivu’s digital platform, including website and mobile app, allow the community of growers to improve small farm productivity and sustainability, increase food production, and accelerate development. At the same time, Cultivu helps develop sustainable communities by networking farmers and building capabilities.

The Challenge:

Small farms produce most of the world’s food

Of Calorie Production
0 Million
Small Farmers Globally

However, small farms do not always have access to the best knowledge and methods – reducing farm productivity and performance, environmental sustainability, and food quantity and quality

Advisors and farmers

Advisors, agronomists, and extension services deliver knowledge and best practices directly to farmers

Advisor In field

Advisors cannot reach sufficient farmers on a regular basis

Cultivu Solutions

Cultivu improves farmers and advisor productivity by making communication and knowledge sharing easier and more efficient


Our goal is to help farmers and advisors succeed – improving agricultural productivity, strengthening environmental and resource sustainability, and growing more and healthier food for the world


  • Continuous knowledge and best practices
  • Personalized advice and Q&A
  • Farm management tools
  • Grow farmer network 10x to over 2,000
  • Broadcast efficiently to many farmers at once
  • Assist individual farmers with specific issues

App for Farmers

Easy access to knowledge

Latest agronomical and agrotechnical knowledge and instructions in the palm of your hand, updated by your local advisor in an easy-to-use format. Immediate access to irrigation and fertilization instructions, crop protection and disease information, as well as yield management tools.

Local advisor on demand

Always a click away from professional support. Use text and photos to communicate with your local advisor, saving time and effort. Receive personalized answers and instructions from someone you trust who knows your local conditions and challenges.

Benchmarks and best practices

Access a wide set of benchmarks on inputs (including irrigation, fertilization, crop protection, productivity, and performance) as well as best practices relevant to your crops and challenges, to evaluate and improve your own performance.

Performance management tools

Small farm management tools include task management, alerts and alarms, activity log, inputs monitoring, and productivity and performance analysis.

Website for Advisors

Grow farmer networks

Easily manage and grow your network of farmers, including contacts, farm size, crops, geography, and other relevant characteristics. Access farm activity history and past recommendations. Define groups of farmers by characteristics or manually.

Answer inquiries

Address farmers’ specific questions and inquiries and and give personal recommendations and tailored solutions on a one-on-one basis.  Ask farmers how they are progressing, and follow-up or track previous communications. Communication tools may include text and photos, as well as references to knowledge database.

Benchmarks and best practices

Access a wide set of benchmarks and knowledge on inputs, performance, and best practices, and pass on selected information to your farmer network.  Communicate and share learnings with other advisors in a broader advisor network, to bring more data and updated information to your farmers.

Broadcast knowledge and instructions

Send information easily and quickly to all farmers in your network or to sub-groups based on crops, farm size, or other factors. Use templates for easy and clear communications (e.g., irrigation schedule, disease identification and treatment, and so forth).

Organizational Solutions

Access to relevant, accurate, and real-time analytics

Private- and public-sector organizations worldwide



Access to data-driven insights, for example:

  • Global and regional trends
  • Benchmarks and best practices by crop and regions
  • Disease spread, prevalence, and warnings across crops and regions
  • Inputs and resource management analysis (e.g., water, fertilizers, pesticides)
  • Network performance monitoring
  • Productivity by region, practices, and inputs used

Partner Organizations

Cultivu is partnering across regions and sectors:

  • Organizations
  • Extension services
  • NGOs and foundations
  • Businesses
  • Supply chain


Cultivu seeks to improve small farm productivity by connecting farmers and advisors.  Through our free, easy to use, and efficient platform, farmers can receive relevant, insightful, and reliable instructions and knowledge from local advisors who know their crops and environment.

By improving productivity and using best practices, farmers can increase yields, reduce costs and risks, improve performance, and succeed.  At the same time, they can grow more food for the world’s population, improve resource and environmental sustainability, and drive economic development – on a local and on a global level.

The Team

David Alexander
David Alexander
-Fifteen years experience in business & investments
-MIT, Columbia University
-Small olive farmer
Menny Shalom
Menny Shalom
-Fifteen years of experience in entrepreneurial ventures & management
-Columbia U., Hebrew U.
-Olive farmer
Igal Aisenberg
Igal Aisenberg
-Senior advisor
-Twenty-six years experience in international agriculture industry
-CEO of global irrigation leader Netafim
Ben Gurion University
Opher Moses
Opher Moses
-VP Global Sales and Marketing
-Ten years experience in B2B/B2C sales
-York U., U. of Saskatchewan
-International public/private sector experience

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